Who We Are

If you love language, history, philosophy, art, politics, law, mythology, psychology, and anything else that influences culture, you’re a Classics major in the making.

As the only full Classics department in Western North Carolina, UNC Asheville’s Classics faculty are actively engaged in all areas of the field, from literature to ethics, religion, and archaeology. Classics majors can participate in undergraduate research, local and international service learning, teaching internships, and co-curricular activities like The Ancient Gardens Club or Eta Sigma Phi, the National Classics Honor Society.

What You’ll Learn

Classics majors read some of the greatest literature ever written and study two cultures that are foundational to so much of our own: Latin and Greek. Since Latin and Greek provide the bases for about 80% of English, learning to read these ancient languages will train you to be an articulate communicator and a critical thinker. Because Classics is an interdisciplinary field, your classes will cover many subjects, and you’ll find career opportunities in education, the arts, government, law, communications, the nonprofit sector, and more.