Welcome to Classics

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Classical Greek and Latin were central to American education from the beginning. After colleges and universities stopped making knowledge of these languages a requirement for entrance into college in the early 20th century, Classical Studies became less central to the curriculum as a whole, though still important. Many high schools and universities continued to make one or both of these languages compulsory well into the 1950's.

There are compelling academic reasons for today's college student to study classics. The interdisciplinarity inherent in the study of the classical world enables students to gain a broad base of knowledge and critical thinking skills, which are excellent preparation for the current labor market as well as for lifetime learning.

Our department offers instruction in Classical and Medieval Latin, Classical and koine (New Testament) Greek, and Biblical Hebrew, and a wide range of Classical Civilization courses. We offer our students the advantages of a private setting in the public sphere through individualized attention, a rigorous curriculum, multiple opportunities for study abroad, active undergraduate research, and a committed faculty engaged in outreach, teaching and research.

We welcome visits from prospective students, and invite you to sit in on a class, meet current students, and discuss the classics program at UNC Asheville with faculty members.