Ancient Greek Materials

The Materials begin by presenting a series of study editions of some of the authors most widely studied by undergraduates: Homer, Herodotus, Euripides, and Xenophon. These study editions give the adult beginning student every help that is really useful for first reading a Classical author: conveniently placed, straightforward translations; identifications of all the conjugated verb forms and many declined forms; and simple indications of scansion for poetic texts. This material is intended to facilitate and enrich undergraduate course study or any adult learner who has completed at least two semesters of college level Classical Greek.

The Materials then subject these texts to a series of analyses which approach them from a wide variety of angles, and include essays and extensive commentaries on substantial portions of each text or series of texts. These are structured so that the reading can proceed continuously. Everything is on the page, and the extensive cross references are all quoted directly, translated, and provided with identifications. Off-prints of the materials can be made, and they are also E-book readable. We welcome feedback from users–comments can be emailed to

Four Dramas of Euripides